20% increase in Spanish tourism to Egypt during the next year
20% increase in Spanish tourism to Egypt during the next year

Attia Yamani, a member of the General Assembly of Tourism Companies, who specializes in the Spanish market, said that in 2020 there will be a 20% increase in the traffic flowing from the Spanish market to Egypt, coinciding with the opening of the Grand Egyptian Museum.

 3 weekly charter flights to Luxor and Aswan from Spain starting next July

 He added in press statements to him, that there is a large turnout by the tour operators on the Egyptian tourist destinations, noting that it was agreed to increase the number of charter flights for Luxor and Aswan from the cities of Madrid and Barcelona, ​​which his company organizes to 3 weekly flights starting next July instead of  Only two flights.

 He explained that the efforts made by President Abdel Fattah El Sisi during his foreign trips resulted in a strong return to all European markets, including the Spanish market, to begin with the start of the new year by its inclusion in the file of foreign tourism.

 He pointed to the agreement with the Egyptian Air Company and "Fly Egypt" to increase the number of flights due to the increasing demand on Egypt from the Spanish market, stressing that Dr. Khaled Al-Anani's assumption of the tourism and antiquities portfolio will contribute to interest in cultural tourism, especially in light of the successive archaeological discoveries, which will revive the movement in Upper Egypt  Restores cultural tourism to the facade.

 The price of the Spanish tourist program starts from 650 euros per person

 He pointed out that the prices of tourist programs for the Spaniards to visit Luxor and Aswan start from 650 euros per person, including aviation and accommodation, explaining that the company was able to organize trips for more than 50 thousand Spanish tourists during the years 2018/2019.

 He added that EgyptAir has increased the number of direct flights to 12 weekly flights from Madrid and Barcelona, ​​which will certainly reflect on the tourist movement.

 He called for the necessity of launching a direct flight line linking Egypt and Latin American countries, after the increasing demand from these countries at the Egyptian destination, observing that the obstacle to absorbing these increasing numbers is the absence of a direct airline, which in turn leads to raising the cost of the travel ticket to reach $ 900,  This increases the costs of the trip and makes the tourist reconsider and choose other competition destinations.

 He stressed that there is intense competition faced by Egypt in the American market by many countries in the region such as Israel, Morocco and Turkey who have direct airlines with Latin American countries, which may weaken the Egyptian destination's opportunities to attract those who want to visit.

 He added that it was contracted to organize trips for more than 10 thousand tourists in 2020 from Latin America, noting the increase in the number of Egyptian tourist companies wishing to work in the Latin American market.

Source : Almal news


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