20 tips for a  woman to date in Sharm &Hurghada
20 tips for a woman to date in Sharm &Hurghada

 Lots of singles who goes on vacation have a secret hope that they’ll find real love while they’re away  from home,  some fun in the sun with that muscled tanned handsome guy that they would probably never meet at home. 

You will daydream about those  walks along the beach, hand in hand as the sun goes down, sipping drinks together and enjoying the local food  in a cosy little spot, sharing once in a lifetime experiences and having a memory to treasure forever.

For many people, those dreams can actually come true, Yes, sometimes people can meet the love of their life on holiday, and they’ll still be married for the rest of thier lives . 

But also for many  they  became victims of professional scammers who used thier need for love and romance to abuse them and get benifits out of the relation, you can find this type of scammers usually in touristic cities around the world and they have somehow similar techniques of mainpulating the victims . 

Are you not sure if your vacation romance is the real deal ? Here are 20 tips to put in mind before starting to take your vacation romance seriously.

1: Your "Ahmed" is probably not different than the others just because he have that charming smile, the looks and the sweet words alone is not enough . 

2: It’s very natural in touristic cities  to get a marriage proposal on the first date. If you don’t get it, then that’s the surprise, its a good sign if he didnt do that. 

3: Don’t buy him the IPhone and the laptop!

4: His mother is not really ill and there’s no operation. He will use your money for something else

5: Don’t buy him the IPhone and the laptop!

6: Don’t sell your house in Germany (England, France, Sweden…) for opening that Cafe (Restaurant, Bar, Shop…) with him, you will probably lose your money unless he puts the same amount of his own money in that project like you . 

7:  Don’t buy him the IPhone and the laptop!

8: If he is hiding you from his family and friends, then dump him and go for the next date 

9: Don’t buy him the IPhone and the laptop!

10: If he is still paying the dinner at the restaurant after 3 months of the relation and he introduces you to the family, then you can start to take it serious 

11 - 20: Don’t buy him the IPhone and the laptop!


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