50,000 artifacts safely placed in the Grand Egyptian Museum's stores.
50,000 artifacts safely placed in Grand Egyptian Museum stores.

Just two kilometers from the Pyramids of Giza, the Grand Egyptian Museum will open its doors to everyone, as it is expected to attract 5 million visitors annually.  And when it opens, it will be the largest museum dedicated to one civilization.

The Grand Egyptian Museum received this week around 300 artifacts , bringing the total number of artifacts in the museum’s store to 50,000.

Officials moved many artifacts from the Egyptian Museum because of its limited space.  The tourist advisor, Azmi Salama, commented: "When we visit the pyramids of Giza, we take a long time to go to the ancient Egyptian museum in Tahrir Square, because of the traffic jam."  This would save time and help them showcase the valuable collections that no one had ever seen before, he added.

The cost of establishing the Grand Egyptian Museum exceeded US$1 billion and it's construction started since 2012. 

Sources : CNN /Egypt independant


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