7 crazy jobs in Egypt,  that you will never understand.
7 crazy jobs in Egypt, that you will never understand.

It is usual in  developing countries with high rates of population to find some jobs that does not exist usually in developed countries, and its usually more of a service jobs, ofcourse it can be  justified as everybody needs to earn his living . 

But here is a list of odd jobs that you will never really understand why any business in Egypt  would  hire a person to do it : 

1-The son/sons of Bawab (Janitor) 

Bawabs in Egypt usually do not do properly thier job, they usually sit at the front door of building listening to thier little radio and instead they have their children do all the work,and thats usually the reason they have kids. 


Many countries have parking problems , and Egypt is not an exception, thats why you will find a "sayes" in almost every street in the big cities .

His job is milking you for money in return for  helping you find a parking spot that you spotted before him!


Another job that is really hard to understand , Tabaa' is a guy who hangs out of the microbuses and yells out all the  microbus destination

Because having a proper destination line as well as a proper money collection system would just be too complicated.

4-The Guy who clicks the button  at the Mobile Phone Network Store!

If there was an award for the most useless job worldwide, this is the one that should get it, 

Every time you will go to Etisalat or Vodafone shop  you are going to meet that guy who just stands by the door to ask you what you came to do so he can click the machine that gives you your customer number?

No one really knows why do we need a whole job for that?  It’s  just one touch !

5-That guy in the governmental buildings who helps you to finish your papers

Need to get some paper done at any governmental office? Slip the man standing at the door a little (Baksheesh) , and he will offer you his services that includes  bumping you up to the front of the line, photocopy the papers for you, and even sell you those mysterious stamps needed for your papers that you couldnt find anywhere . 

6- The Barber assistant 

His only job is to hand the scissors and  maybe the hair streightner to the barber while he is cutting your hair, Nobody knows until now why you need to hire a person for doing this . 

7-the guy at the supermarket that Puts your bought items in bags

Another job that doesnt make any sense at all , after you pay at the cashier he is always there to bag your items and then carry it to your car . Come on man i also have two hands and i wanna use them ! 

Photo source: youm7 newspaper


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