8 Amazing ancient pyramids around the world
10 Amazing pyramids around the world

When you mention the word Pyramids many people thinking will  jump straight to the ancient Egyptian ones . While that’s not wrong, it’s not necessarily correct either. In fact, there are ancient pyramids all around the world, from a number of different civilizations and cultures that represents many different architectural styles ,  these colossal structures are scattered  across the globe in cultures who often had no connection to one-another. 

And Because there are too many of them  , we will highlight today only 10 of the most famous pyramids around the world from 10 different countries .  

1- Pyramid of Cestius – Italy

1- Pyramid of Cestius – Italy

The Pyramid of Cestius is a unique Roman pyramid built as a tomb for the  Roman magistrate Caius Cestius between 18 and 12 BC. Constructed of white marble and brick, the pyramid took 330 days to construct . 

Some historians say that this tomb was likely built in this style due to the popularity of all things Egyptian which swept Rome after Egypt was incorporated into the Empire. Inside the tomb contained a number of frescoes depicting scenes from Roman mythology while an inscription still visible on the exterior gives details about its construction and dedication. 

In 2013 the monument underwent a  restoration project that costed €2 million . The cost was sponsored by Japanese entrepreneur Yuzo Yagi

2-Pyramid Of The Sun -Teotihuacan ,Mexico

2-Pyramid Of The Sun -Teotihuacan ,Mexico

The Pyramid of the Sun at Teotihuacan is one of the largest pyramids on the world. Teotihuacan was a holy Mesoamerican city built in around 450 BC in what is now the Mexican republic  and forms one of the country’s oldest archaeological sites.

Teotihuacan is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and its measures are 225m by 222m at its base and 75m high 

3-Meroe (Nubian) Pyramids – Sudan

3-Meroe (Nubian) Pyramids – Sudan Photo by : Sorin Furcoi/Aljazeera

The pyramids that were built in Sudan had the same purpose as those in Egypt, As eternal resting places of the many kings and queens.

The Meroe pyramids get their name from the ancient city of Meroe, the capital of the Kingdom of Kush, an ancient African kingdom situated in what is now the Republic of Sudan.

Compared to the Egyptian ones, Sudanese(Nubian) pyramids differ considerably , As they were built of stepped courses of horizontally situated stone blocks and their heights ranges from approximately 22 to 96 feet.

4- Prang, Koh Ker, Cambodia

4- Prang, Koh Ker, Cambodia Photo by : Scott sharick

Koh Ker is a remote temple site in northern Cambodia about 120 kilometres away from Siem Reap and the ancient site of Angkor, it was the former capital of the Khmer empire . The most distinct monument is the Prang, a seven‑tiered and 36-metre (118 ft) high pyramid, which most probably served as state temple .

Under the reign of the kings Jayavarman IV, Koh Ker was the capital of the empire . Jayavarman IV forced an ambitious building program. over  forty temples were constructed under his rule. The most significant of this temples was the Prang . 

5-Mayan Pyramids of Tikal-Guatemala

5-Mayan Pyramids of Tikal-Guatemala

Tikal was an important center city for the Maya civilization  from about 300 to 900 A.D., and they built many monuments There , including five pyramidal temples. The tallest is 213 feet high. 

After the Maya abandoned the site, these pyramids were forgotten in the rainforest for nearly 800 years. Until the European explorers discovered them in the middle of the 18th century , Tikal is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and one of the most famous tourist attractions worldwide . 

6-Pyramids of Giza,Egypt

6-Pyramids of Giza,Egypt

The ancient Egyptian pyramids of Giza  make up the famous image that is imprinted in minds across the world.

 The pyramids of Giza complex include the Great Pyramid of Khufu , which is the largest in the world . Another one was for Pharaoh Khafre. This temple complex also includes the famous Sphinx statue 

The pyramids of Giza are the last remaining wonder of the ancient world and it stood there for nearly 4000 years. 

7- Sukuh, Java -Indonisia

7- Sukuh, Java -Indonisia Source :Marina & Enrique/flickr

Discovered in 1815 , The shape of this Pyramids is different than other Hindu temples in Indonesia because it is not facing  the east, but facing  west, 

At first glance it may looks like Maya tribe in Mexico or inca in peru. This temple is also quite controversial because of the objects of lingga and yoni which symbolize sexuality of male and female genitals.

8- Pyramids of Argolis-Greece

8- Pyramids of Argolis-Greece

The Greek pyramids, also known as the Pyramids of Argolis, refers to several structures located in the plain of Argolid, Greece. The best known of these is known as the Pyramid of Hellinikon.

 it was considered to be a tomb. But latest researchers  suggested other possible uses.


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