Dar El Efta : islam prohibits killing stray animals .
Dar El Efta : islam prohibits killing stray animals .

Dar El Afta,  the governmental main Islamic legalized institution for issuing fatwas (religious edicts), has forbid the killing of stray animals in response to a question on thier website regarding the poisoning of strays.

Dar El Afta stated that poisoning strays is forbidden under the Islam Sharia laws. And they added that Killing can be only allowed in very exceptional cases when the animal is very sick in a way that can endanger and cause harm to himself and the others and to be applied when its the only remaining option . 

The religious institution encouraged that stray animals be collected in shelters to rescue them from life on the streets

the number of stray animals in Egypt are estimated to be 15 million stray dogs and currently the only shelters in Egypt are non governmental private  shelters.

 Hurghada's Bluemoon animal shelter is one of the most famous shelters in the Red Sea and Egypt and they adopted a succesful private program of castrating stray  animals since many years with cooperation of the authorities as a merciful tool in reducing its population without the killing and poisoning .


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