Demand on Luxor's hot air balloon trips on the rise.
Demand on Luxor's hot air balloon trips on the rise.

Forty hot air balloons flew in the sky of Luxor yesterday, Thursday, with 910 tourists of various nationalities to see monuments, temples, valleys, Nile and scenery, according to the Middle East News Agency.

 The head of one of the balloon travel companies in Luxor, Ahmed Abboud, said that the demand for hot air ballon trips came back strongly, especially in those days, with the delegations of visitors to Luxor during the celebrations of holidays, praising the efforts made by all concerned parties to support and raise the level of safety in the Egyptian flying balloon sector.

 He added that hot air  balloon tourism has become one of the most important types of adventure tourism in Egypt, and it has occupied a distinguished international ranking in the world, so it has become an important element to attract domestic and foreign tourism to the country and a source of national income for the country and hundreds of workers work in this sector.

 He pointed out that the Ministry of Civil Aviation in all its units, whether the Civil Aviation Authority, the Egyptian Airports and Air Navigation Company or the Meteorological Authority, made great efforts to raise air safety standards to a maximum in the field of aviation in general and the field of flying balloon in particular.

 He stressed that the aviation authorities impose strict restrictions and control on balloon flights in the sky of the city of Luxor.

 In a related context, the provincial authorities confirmed that they took full safety measures and full coordination with the security authorities in the governorate.

 They also  pointed to cooperation with the concerned authorities and attention to all means that maintain the security and safety of the participants in 

Source : Almal news. 


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