Egyptian Parliment discuss a legislative amendment to criminalize animal abuse in Egypt
Egyptian Parliment discuss a legislative amendment to criminalize animal abuse in Egypt

Egyptian parliment member Caroline Maher presented a draft amendment to the Penal Code No. 58 of 1937 by replacing some of its provisions and adding new articles, ensuring that the penalty is increased for all crimes that involves the use of violence against all animal species, birds and fish.

Maher said in a statement today: "All religions have recognized the necessity of preserving lives, creatures and nature, and all moral systems prohibited the violence towards animals and environment, whether by killing or torture, but with legislative gaps spread recently the phenomenon of animal abuse spread widley and has become a habit practiced by some citizens 

She added : that there are a group of citizens poison dogs and cats throughout the streets of the Republic, and they photographed brutal scenes  of animals torture and publish these videos on social media, without restriction or consideration for the ugliness of this phenomenon or strong legal consequences . 

Maher continued,  that killing a spirit created by God and the spread of this phenomenon must be condemned by the society and the legal system of violence, as the unjust killing leads also to disturbance of the natural environmental balance.

Caroline Maher, The Egyptian parliment member who suggested the legislative amendment to criminalize animal abuse in Egypt


Maher continued by saying, "based on our moral duty and our legislative role as parliamentarians,  We had to submit a draft proposal to amend the articles of the Penal Code, to increase the penalties imposed for animal abuse crimes in order to achieve a balance and proportion between the punishment and the crime committed, and update the fines prescribed"

 A member of the House of Representatives added: "The proposed amendments include the criminalization of all forms of animal abuse with all their species, or the filming and circulation of videos showing violence against animals, hunting wild birds and planting plants harmful to birds, or poisoning animals with all their species."

 Maher pointed out that the legislation introduced five new paragraphs of Article (357) to criminalize the most dangerous phenomena on animal life, such as conducting scientific experiments on animals without obtaining a license from the competent authorities, and organizing competitions and wrestling between animals in order to gain money without regard for any moral value,  And with complete negligence, endangering innocent lives.

Source : youm 7 newspaper


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