Emergency Training on Hurghada International Airport
According to the International Civil Aviation Organization and the Egyptian Civil Aviation Authorities legalisations , emergency trials trainings are to be carried out to face emergency cases and crisis at the international airports.

Kindly be informed that Hurghada International Airport carries out a full scale emergency training to practise confronting the emergency cases that the airport may witness during the operation process on Tuesday 28/1/2020 with the participation of all the security and departments in the Red Sea Governerate as a regular procedure according to the international legalisations.

Consequently, all the passengers coming or departing and all Hurghada residents are kindly asked not to be disturbed from such trainings as they are considered regular procedure followed in all the international airports and not to pay any attention to any type of rumors from any unknown sources of information.

In addition, the training aims at keeping the passengers' and establishment safety and it never affects the normal operational movement for the flights.




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