First photos for Egypt's newest international airport at the South of  Red Sea.
First photos for Egypt's new international airport at the South of Red Sea.

The Ministry of Civil Aviation is making its final preparations for the opening of the Berenise Airport in the southern Red Sea, during the coming period, to join the Sphinx airports and the administrative capital airport, in line with the strategic goals of Egypt's Vision 2030, which aims to achieve the state's plan in economic development and revitalization of the tourist movement to Egypt, and increase  Passenger traffic, travel and development rates in various governorates.

 Here are some of the most important information about the new "Berenice" airport before it opened.

 1- Berenice Airport is among the 5 major airports that Egypt is building.

 2- Berenice Airport facilitates connecting Cairo to the cities of the south, especially the cities of Halayeb and Shalateen, and enhances the increase of tourist traffic in Red Sea cities such as Marsa Alam.

 3 - Berenice Airport contains one lane. Work is underway to equip the lighting units and the aircraft field with the runway, and the necessary equipment is completed.

 4- It was transferred to a civilian airport after the Ministry of International Cooperation provided funding for the project in accordance with the Prime Minister’s decision.

 5- It was prepared to receive the upcoming international tourist trips to the Red Sea Governorate.

 6- The airport is expected to achieve a large economic return, especially for the service of resorts and tourist hotels located south of the city of Marsa Alam and the exploitation of the wealth of the Halayeb and Shalatin region.

 7- The airport was planned to accommodate 600 passengerss per hour with the cost of 430 million pounds.

 8 - Bernese Airport is in line with international standards, the necessity of having airports close to tourist resorts.

Source : Youm 7 newspsper


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