How to avoid the trap of "discount tickets" and travel without problems?
when we plan for a journey, many of us is a victim discounted price, it may be closer to the imagination of them to the truth, and carry many obstacles "hidden."The reason for these low prices is the scams followed by some airlines , and is to remove services that were provided to passengers in the past free of charge

when we plan for a journey, many of us is a victim discounted price, it may be closer to the imagination of them to the truth, and carry many obstacles "hidden."The reason for these low prices is the  scams followed by some airlines , and is to remove services that were provided to passengers in the past free of charge.In addition, some companies adopt other tricks travelers need to know and how to deal with them:

Baggage allowance

It remained European airlines dominant sector flights discount, which was characterized at a low price for the trip, for example , travel ticket from the British capital London to the city of Barcelona , Spain, may not exceed $ 30, provided that they carry a small travel bag not weighing more than 10 kilograms.Most airlines entered the line of limited-weight baggage and first reduced the number of baggage allowances, from two to one bag, and then developed the method so that the number of baggage does not exceed one bag does not exceed 10 kg, per flight.

If you wish to add a bag, you will be charged up to a third of the ticket price.

No free suitcases on the flight

No free suitcases on the flight

The solution to this problem is to check the baggage allowance in your ticket, and make sure there is no "NIL" which means not allowed.

In this case, book extra bag space, online, or check out the Business Class, as sometimes it may be close in price and give you extra weight for your bags.


The fun of the journey begins when we see the sunlight dragging the clouds from the window of the plane, and no matter how many travels your seat will remain next to the window is the best.

Special window seat

Special window seat

The fun is not limited to the outdoor scene, but includes privacy that you may not have through the center and corridor seats.

In addition to being able to fall asleep using the aircraft's steel barrier as a headrest, if the flight is long, none of the passengers nearby will wake you up.

The "window seat" can be booked at a discounted price, although it is the most expensive on flights, by booking the ticket electronically, for the lowest cost seats, then go to the lounge early and complete the booking confirmation procedures of the ticket officer, and request to change the seat to get another next to the window, and inevitably if The plane was not full, you will be able to get a special seat.


Many airlines have eliminated the advantage of providing free meals during the flight for many reasons, the first being the reduction of expenses, and secondly because some passengers often dispense with their meals voluntarily, causing food waste.

As a result, airlines have shifted their diets from free to paid.

Meals may not be free

Meals may not be free

In order not to fall into this trap you can check whether the meal provided free on board or not, and if not free, shop before the flight either from the airport or from the nearest shop to your home.

Remember that if you want to buy liquids such as water or juice, you must do so after you have passed the security checkpoint, so you do not have to dump it.

E-Booking Confirmation Fee

Many of us fall into the trap of online booking confirmation fees, especially when we book a flight ticket through a third party or intermediate sites.

These sites offer very discounted tickets compared to those offered on official airline sites, for several reasons, including "that these sites are responsible for filling the less preferred seats" and flights with frequent stops.

However, if you book through these intermediary sites, you desperately need a confirmation letter, so that you do not risk losing the price of the ticket, because you did not electronically confirm your booking well in advance "at least two hours before the flight."

The solution is to enter the airline's official website and confirm your booking, using the flight reference number or "reference number", or telephone the company and confirm the booking without having to pay a fee.


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