Hurghada City Center , some info about Hurghada's newest attraction
Hurghada City Center , get to know Hurghada's newest tourist attraction .

By : Michel Van Haarlem

For those who like to go shopping, addition to Senzo Mall there is now a completely new shopping center in Hurghada

Hurghada City Center Mall is one of the major shopping and entertainment destinations in Hurghada. Nestled in the heart of the city, adjacent to the Hilton Hurghada Plaza Hotel, the mall attracts savvy shoppers and families looking for an unparalleled experience. With a gross area of 20,278 square meters, the mall includes state-of-the-art cinemas, a food court featuring an array of restaurants, a supermarket and an eclectic collection of international brands, as well as specialty shops offering goods ranging from apparel to jewelry, gifts and more.

Hurghada City Center is also home to Egypt’s first indoor diving and snorkeling experience at the Marine Reef Aquarium. The magnificent 600,000 litre aquarium, designed by a leading international company, housing 4,000 Red Sea fish and offers an underwater zoo adventure suitable for all ages. Part of Hurghada City Center’s world-class family entertainment complex, the aquarium is the first edutainment destination of its kind in Hurghada and in Egypt

The Mall will be a local hub for retail & entertainment, gathering the widest variety of merchandise under just one roof.

Hurghada City Center shopping mall is located in Arabia Area, close to El Dahar and next to Hilton Hotel Hurghada, and just a 10 minute drive from Hurghada International Airport and 30 minute drive from El Gouna.

Hurghada City Center Mall is daily open from 9.00 am to 23.45 (11.45 pm).


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