Hurghada Tourists Penalty System
Not Walking Like An Egyptian

A new tourist penalty system shall be implemented, effective from 1 November 2019, for tourists who have the audacityto ignore strict orders from travel agents and their ‘welcome meeting representatives’ to stay at their all-inclusive hotels and resorts for their own safety and sake.

As a pilot, all-inclusive tourists shall be subject to penalties, to be paid cash on the spot, for the following violations on Sheraton Road:

 -not walking like an Egyptian

-accepting change in stores and supermarkets

-taking pictures from McDonalds for the folks back home

-wearing an all-inclusive wristband

-hindering kamikaze-chauffeurs

-ignoring bazaar boys, blocking their way

-ignoring restaurant staff, blocking their way

-loitering with the intent of using a pedestrian crossing

-smelling of foreign food

-stepping out of a taxi and refusing to instantly taking a new one

-looking at other pedestrians in a funny way

-not accepting a taxi at any time when honked at

-coughing in public with due care and attention

-looking at mini bus drivers in a funny way

-walking on the cracks in the pavement

-walking around in loud T-shirts and wearing white socks

-possession of curly black hair

-walking around with an offensive spouse in candy pink leggings


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