Ida & Ouzo , The story of Two stray dogs from Egypt that emigrated to Sweden.
Ida & Ouzo , The story of Two stray dogs from Egypt that emigrated to Sweden.

 Story of Ida and Ouzo:

Ida's story

 At the beginning of the summer of 2016, Marcus and Helene searched for something they always wanted, a dog.  One night as they lay in bed watching dogs on the internet, they came across an ad, it was Ida , A small skinny dog ​​with lovely brown eyes.  They emailed the owner that they were interested to adopt Ida and after 5 minutes they received a reply that they could come the next day to meet her.  And because the girlfriend was ill at that time, Marcus went on his own to meet her.

  When he came into their home, he met the beautiful dog who did not want to leave his side!  You could see and feel that she did not want to be there and wanted to leave with him , it was love at the first moment.  An hour later, he left the house with Ida in his car, on her way to her new home.

   2-3 days later he got a phone call from a woman who claimed to be Ida's last owner and that she was so worried about her.  She told him about Ida's story:

  Ida was about 8 weeks and lived at  the streets of Cairo with her sister Folla.  Ida was hit by a truck and left with her blood in the street with her sister who was watching her all the time.  Then a kind woman named Noha, saw them and felt sorry for the two small dogs and she brought them home despite her father's protests.

 They lived there with Noha  for 11 months but because of the circumstances she had to find them a new permanent home.  That's when a Swedish woman saw the ad and as a volunteer for a rescue team, she sought out families in Sweden.

  They found a family and the day after Christmas Eve it was time to leave Egypt.  But the family changed  thier opinion and couldnt have the dogs a few hours before the trip to Sweden,  The volunteers decided they would fly anyway and on arrival they were met by another woman who took care of them.  But for Ida it was a short stay, she was relocated, first to a home where she was 1 week and then to the next home.  This home was the woman who called him.  Ida was there for a few months, but unfortunately it didn't work there either.  Another new family took her but already after a few days they announced her again!  It was the ad they saw and they knew this was the dog they wanted to take care of!

 Now Ida has lived with them for two and half years and they think that she is a perfect dog! 

 She loves to run and play in the woods but her favorite place is at home under the blanket between Marcus and Helene.

 Ouzo's story

 In early 2017, Marcus received a question, from the same volunteer that helped Ida , that time they had a small dog named Ouzo who needed a home.  

At this time, Ouzo "lived on the stairs of a Cairo apartment building, a woman named Marian had found him on the street where he was hiding under a car inside the wheel rims. It was the same puppy her neighbors had picked up from her mother at  They had let him live on a balcony without being able to hide from the sun and with a 1-year-old rottweiler who used him as a toy, one day the family's father threw him out on the street, 10 weeks old, all on his own  until Mariam found him.

 She contacted many teams to find someone who wanted to take him but no one could.  That's when they asked Marcus.

  They had seen on social media what a great job Marcus had done with Ida and that Marcus helped find homes for other dogs in Sweden.

  After 1.5 months, Ouzo left Cairo to travel to Hurghada where a Dutch woman took care of him until he was ready.  He needed vaccinations, blood tests, chips and more before Marcus could travel to get him home.

 In early June, Marcus flew to Egypt from Sweden.  For two days, we spent 3-4 hours to make him feel safe with him.

 Early one morning they flew to Sweden with Ouzo in a large cage.

" Getting a Baladi dog is by far the best thing I've ever done, I don't regret anything"says Marcus. 

  Ouzo is very scared of new people and dogs because of what he has been through, but when he gets to know you, he is the most loving dog you have ever met.  In the days he plays and has fun with his "sister" Ida and at night he always sleeps under up on Marcus legs or on his arm


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