Leave it deserted, A new online campaign against the high prices of housing units in Hurghada
Leave it deserted - Hurghada, A new online campaign against the high prices of housing units in Hurghada

For years, social media has been extremely important for active participation in important and influencing issues in society, including the revolution that started, and among them are the means of pressure in public opinion issues, and today, although some issues may seem trivial,  However, the pages of these sites still represent a major impact and widespread in some important issues.

 "Leave it deserted - Hurghada"

 An electronic campaign launched by activists interested in the real estate market in the Red Sea Governorate, aimed at boycotting the purchase of apartments, or renting housing units in the Red Sea, especially Hurghada, to confront the greed of real estate dealers and their owners - according to their description -, after not reducing the prices of apartments despite the state's many  Of the apartments through the Ministry of Housing, which was considered by campaign campaigners to exploit the real estate dealers and owners of real estate in Hurghada to exaggerate the price and rent of apartments.

 The campaign "Leave It Deserted - Hurghada" is based on several major demands published by the group, which is the need to reduce the prices of selling and renting apartments in Red Sea cities, especially the city of Hurghada, which is exaggerated after the January 25 revolution.

Members of the campaign stated that most of the violations occurrs because real estate owners refuse to write rental contracts and register them in order  to evade taxes which leads at the end that the tenant's right is not proven and they can kick the tenant out at any time they want or raise the rents without control. 

 Members of the "Leave It Deserted - Hurghada" campaign motivated some of them to invite friends in order to increase the numbers on the "group", which calls for a boycott of buying any real estate or apartments and rent exaggerated apartments until their prices decrease. 

Source : Cairo24


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