Legal and financial rights for the divorced woman in Egypt.
Legal and financial rights for divorced woman in egypt

Legal right for divorced woman

 Legal and financial rights of the divorced Woman in Egypt

 Deferred dowry 

 The divorced woman is entitled to the agreed deferred dowry written in the marriage contract.

 Waiting period payment

The divorced woman is also entitled to a waiting period payment from her ex-husband to obtain livelihood. This operates for three menstrual cycles of a woman or three calendar months.

Conciliatory payment

  The divorced woman   is  entitled to  Conciliatory payment This operates for a period of not less than twenty four months and is carried out according to the ex-husband’s economic capabilities,

List of movables .

Only if the divorced couple have written such list, the list usually contain furniture and all movable items in the house and sometimes it can include jewelery.

  If there was Children from the marriage they have the following rights :

-Provision of a home

- childcare monthly payments to the mother to provide for the children necessities of life such as clothing, food, and education. 

-The  child can choose to live with the mother or the father at age 15. Before that, custody is granted to the mother. 

-In case the mother remarried, Then custody is transferred to the child grandmothers from the mother side, If she is deceased, then it is transferred to the father's mother, then the mother's sister and then the father's sister. 

Also, the children have the right to stay in the family home, (marital home) whether they are with their mom or mother's mom. 

The mother may get a passport for her children to travel with her without the need of consent form the children's father. But travel allows the father to file to drop childcare payments to the mother as travel would prevent father from visitation.  

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