Meteorology: wind activity that excites sand and dust tomorrow and the country is affected by high air in the Mediterranean Sea
The Meteorological Authority has revealed wind activity, which is mostly sandy and dusty, in the south of the country, areas of Sinai, and open areas of Cairo and Lower Egypt.

The meteorological authority said that the country is affected by an air elevation centered on the western Mediterranean.


The Meteorological Authority expects tomorrow to witness a noticeable drop in temperatures, as experts expect tomorrow to witness light to medium rain accompanied by active winds on Cairo, which are thunderstorm sometimes on the sea.


Experts also expect to see moderate, sometimes thunderstorm rain tomorrow, accompanied by active winds on the northern coasts, and exciting winds, sand and dust, on the south of the country and areas of the Sinai.


Today, Monday, the continuation of high temperatures, with Greater Cairo and Lower Egypt at daytime, partly cloudy weather, and mild cloudy weather and light rain prevail on the northern coasts, and hot weather prevails in the north of Upper Egypt, which is very hot in the south of Upper Egypt sunny.


Experts revealed the weather at night, when cold weather prevails over Cairo and Lower Egypt, and cold weather prevails on the northern coasts, and nice weather on the north and south of Upper Egypt.



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