Rami Malek role in the new James Bond movie : what we know so far.
Rami Malek role in the new James Bond movie, what we know so far.

Universal studios, the producing company of the latest movies for the British secret agent, "James Bond", "No Time to Die", released on Tuesday its promotional posters, in which each star appears individually.

Among the new posters is a picture of the American-Egyptian Oscar-winning actor, Rami Malik, who will play the villain role in the coming James Bond movie. 

According to the famous website IMDB the plot is about Bond after he left active service and while enjoying a tranquil life in Jamaica. His peace is short-lived when an old friend from the CIA turns up asking for help. The mission to rescue a kidnapped scientist . 

 In July, Rami Malik stated that it took time to think about accepting his new role in "James Bond", as he needed assurances that the role he would play in "James Bond" would NOT be a religious fundamentalist or an Arabic-speaking terrorist, and that was his only condition to accept the role, as Rami is proud of his Egyptian heritage. 

Fans are already theorising that Malek's villain role in the new Bond  movie , known to us only as Safin, is actually Dr. Julius No, paying homage to the first film and villain in the Bond franchise from 1962.

 The producing company of  the movie "No Time to Die", yesterday, released on tuesday the first trailer for the movie, which is number 25 in the famous James Bond films and will be on theatres on April 2020. 

Credits : Universal pictures


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