Russian Belly-Dancer Johara Tops the Trending Searches in Egypt after Nude Videos Leaked .
Russian Belly-Dancer Johara Tops the Trending Searches after Nude Videos Leaked .

Russian dancer Ekaterina Andreeva (Known in Egypt as Johara) has become the talk on social media platforms in the past few hours after  the leak of 12 nude videos with a young man on the social media platforms

In a few hours the name of the dancer Johara became among the most searched words on Google with Hundereds of thousands of searches, the young man who was with her in this leaked photos and videos and his name is Khalid Ahmad finally broke the  silence,  where he said through his account on Instagram that he was married to Jawhara and they have done nothing shameful, 

Khalid Ahmad revealed that the reason for leaking the pictures and videos is the theft of his phone, confirming that his future was destroyed and his mother fell ill because of the spread of these videos, 

This was not her first problem since her arrival in Egypt to dance, as her few years inside the Egyptian territory were full of successive problems.

In February 2018, the Egyptian Tourism Police arrested Jawhara for wearing a semi-nude and non-conform dance suit , Egyptian authorities wanted to deport her at that time but her lawyer appealed and she managed to stay and continue her work in Egypt. 

After she passed the crisis of her deportation from Egypt, rumors spread last March about the marriage of Jawhara to an Egyptian young man to be able to rcontinue her work in Egypt, but her lawyer denied the matter, and confirmed that she is married to a Russian dancer.

 In the same month, conflicting statements were made with the lawyer's denial, And Jawhara announced her divorce from her Russian husband.

 Jawhara's problems did not stop there.In April 2019, the dancer Jawhara was sentenced to one year imprisonment after she was accused of inciting debauchery  and ancing semi-naked, as well as working without obtaining a work permit and a license. 


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