Saudi Arabia officially ends gender segregation in restaurants
Saudi Arabia officially ends gender segregation in restaurants

On Sunday, the Saudi authorities announced the removal of the requirement in its restaurants to have separate entrances for men and another for women, in a new step to ease some of the most stringent social rules in the world as part of comprehensive reforms.

All restaurants in the Kingdom were required to Have an entrance for women and families and a separate one for men, but the Ministry of Municipal and Rural Affairs announced the new decision on its account on Twitter yesterday, Sunday. 

For decades, it was forbidden to mix men and women in public places in Saudi Arabia under strict social rules, which were imposed by strict clerics.

For a period of about a year or more, the restrictions of the mixing ban have eased a lot in the Kingdom after restaurants, cafes, conference centers, and party halls ceased to enforce these restrictions strictly

A ministry spokesman contacted by Reuters did not specify whether the separation of the sexes in places to eat in restaurants would also be abolished.  The spokesman said the new rules are not compulsory and this means that any restaurant can maintain a private entrance for families and another for men if its owner sees it.

The kingdom has not announced any changes to other public institutions such as schools and hospitals, which means it will likely continue to separate the sexes.

Source : Almasry Alyoum


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