Saudi Arabia : unmarried foreign tourists will be allowed to stay together in hotel rooms

In the last days, the KSA  announced the launch of a new tourist visa program that will be opening up the country to mass tourism .

Saudi Arabia took another step  towards its goal of encouraging international tourists , Now the unmarried tourist couples will be allowed to share rooms while on vacation in the KSA. 

Previous regulations stated that couples had to provide proof of marriage before being allowed to share a room, However the Saudi citizens will still have to do this, but the rules have been changed for tourists. 

Also for the first time now the foreign women will be allowed to book rooms and travel alone to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, They will still be required to dress modestly, according to the new visa rules.

Previously, female visitors needed to be accompained by a male close relative  if they were under 45.

Saudi Arabia's plan is to attract annualy 100 million tourist  by 2030 . 


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