Supreme Council for Islamic Affairs member: Beating wives is bullying and not from Islam.
Member of the Supreme Council for Islamic Affairs: Beating wives is bullying , not Islam.

Sheikh Khaled al-Jundi, a member of the Supreme Council for Islamic Affairs, said that the most important thing in manhood is the restoration of people's rights, pointing out that 95% of men have not paid the dowry for their wives.

AL-Jundi continued, during the episode of his program "Perhaps they would understand", broadcast on the satellite "dmc", today, Sunday: "Dowry is a debt that must be repaid, and the Prophet Muhammad, may God bless him and grant him peace, was refusing to perform the funeral prayer on the debtor, and whoever would not pay the dowry to his wife, his intentions would be cut off in the hereafter, unless it was waived with consent and a kind heart."

 Member of the Supreme Council for Islamic Affairs affirmed that there are two types of Married men : one of them being bullies who accept beating wives,And the other are the real men who treat thier wives with kindness . 

Al-Jundi continued, the woman is more emotional and patient and that helps in the upbringing of the children they take good responsibility for the family. 

Al Jundi Added : if anyone told you to beat women then this person do not know anything about religion, hitting women is not from Islam.

 Sheikh Khaled Al-Jundi continued, that God commands justice, saying: "We are talking to those who do not think well and reconsider their calculations. We do not favor women at the expense of men, and our problem is polarization, and mistrust of people. 

 Sheikh Khaled Al-Jundi continued, that Islam is biased to raise the status of women, but the reality is the opposite, for reality is always biased to men, saying: “We all say that all men are good, and men do not need praise. 

Source : Youm 7 Newspaper


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