The arrival of military equipment to be used as industrial diving sites in the Red Sea

In the coming days, the Red Sea Governorate will witness the establishment of the first «tourist attractions for old underwater warfare equipment» in Egypt, in coordination with the armed forces, to create artificial reefs and new diving areas to alleviate the increasing pressure on the diving sport in the Red Sea, to become an underwater tourist attraction Lovers of diving to watch them

Hurghada has received military equipment for the implementation of an underwater tourist shrine project, where old tanks belonging to the Egyptian army will be lowered at the bottom of the Red Sea, to establish these tourist attractions and attract more lovers of diving, as part of a protocol between the Red Sea Governorate and the armed forces.

The project relies on the flooding of military equipment and vehicles of priests dispensed by the army in various places in the sea, and the mechanisms will be installed on the sea floor in such a way as to provide safety elements and facilitate diving by visiting amateurs.

Ahmed Abdullah, governor of the Red Sea, said that this project is the first of its kind in Egypt, and its aim is to attract a large number of tourists and is part of the tourism plan to develop the tourism product through the exploitation of seas, beaches and surrounding islands.

He added that the idea of ​​this project aims to have an economic impact, pointing out that the site «tourist shrine» was chosen in view of the highest standards of protection of the marine environment, to ensure that the place is safe for divers.

Abdullah said the shrine would have many benefits as the equipment would be covered by sand while fish would prefer to lay their eggs in rocky or hard areas, and would bring fish for nesting.

The governor of the Red Sea expected to attract many groups of professionals and diving enthusiasts around the world to enjoy the scenery of marine nature under the water, as we aspire to attract the pioneers of marine tourism and local divers and from around the world to enjoy the sea views that contain the most beautiful coral reefs in the world.

The environmental researcher Dr. Ahmed Ghallab Obeid prepared a scientific study obtained «Masry al-Youm» copy to reduce the pressure on the areas of coral reefs and preserve and not deteriorate because of the increasing operations and diving activity on them, and is based on the establishment of 15 industrial diving sites to relieve the pressure of practicing enthusiasts Diving on coral reef areas.

Ghalab stressed that the diving industry in the Red Sea is the most important and beneficial industry for Egypt in terms of providing hard currency.There are more than three million divers who visit the Red Sea area annually and do more than 6 to 9 million dives annually, and with the high rise in development rates. Tourist which will in the near future lead to a significant rise in diving rates.

Ghalab explained that the main problem of the marine environment, especially coral reefs, is that they are exposed to significant environmental damage as a result of excessive use by diving practitioners, pointing out that the Egyptian Red Sea has no more than 250 sites suitable for diving activities along the coast of the Red Sea Governorate. In comparison, according to official data, the rates of diving in the previous seasons of low tourist flow rates have reached between 6 and 9 million dives per year on these sites, which indicates that they exceeded the safe limits of diving rates ranging from 5 L. 22 thousand dives annually.

In addition, it is expected in the near future that with the steady increase in levels of tourism development and thus the rates of tourist flow along the Red Sea coast, diving rates will increase significantly, resulting in the loss of large parts of the reef reefs, which are the backbone of the diving industry. The high-end tourism in the Red Sea, and thus threaten the capital of the enormous capital invested in this sector, in addition, this is contrary to all conventions, conventions and treaties, which Egypt was one of the most important countries in the signing of it, as well as national laws, which Our commitment to maintain these living marine resources and its unique heritage as a right inherent humane and future generations to use and enjoy it, which requires him to take effective and urgent steps to reduce the rates of diving on coral reefs.

The study put the logical solutions to this problem is to reduce the pressure resulting from diving activities on different diving sites (coral reefs), especially in the area of ​​Hurghada, and this will come only through two methods namely finding new dive sites and this solution is very limited due to the lack of new dive sites in the area Hurghada because of the limited coral reefs suitable for diving activities, but can find some coral reefs of limited number and valid for the exercise of this activity in the north of Hurghada, which is difficult to navigate north in extreme wind conditions and turbulent sea condition, in which case will T high pressure diving rates on coral reef in front of the city of Hurghada and the establishment of coral reefs, industrial and considers coral reefs industrial of the oldest methods used by the Japanese since 1600 for the purpose of fisheries development to create areas Kskny for fish and thus increasing the intensity and, more recently focused on many of the world using this technique To create diving sites for industrial installations such as old boats, cars, statues and even military vehicles such as cars, tanks, aircraft, etc. The United States of America was the first in this area has created the largest coral reefs from the remnants of military equipment using tanks and cars and even old aircraft on the shores of California and Carolina and over distances The vast part of the coasts of the two states for the purpose of stimulating tourism and increasing fisheries. Such as England, for example where there are no areas of coral reefs suitable for the diving industry it has been used boats Sunken since World War II dive sites of generating millions of dollars to state coffers annually.

The study confirmed that the establishment of diving sites by flooding some of the old military equipment and equipment in particular, such as tanks, aircraft and armored vehicles (industrial reefs) is one of the most important and best and easiest ways to establish diving sites on industrial reefs for many reasons, the most important: it is preferred by most Divers around the world because they increase the spirit of adventure, which is looking for divers and it is a dive site immediately after the dumping process attracts a large proportion of divers that in a short period will grow many marine organisms on the roofs of this wreck, the most important coral reefs, which will allow to become A reef of reef in a few years.

Among the places proposed in the study for implementation, more than 15 sites were identified for the establishment of artificial reefs made up of old military equipment. Seven of the eight sites were selected as shown in the attached map. The first trip is the construction of three sites for industrial coral reefs (1, 2, 3) from the wreckage of tanks, armored vehicles, troop transport vehicles (old Russian zal) and buses. The number 2 armored vehicles, and the number 1 car transport soldiers (old Russian slug) and the site

From here, the total old and prestigious mechanisms for the establishment of seven diving sites (artificial coral reefs) are as follows: 5 tanks, 5 buses and 5 soldiers transport vehicles

On the way of transport and dumping, the old vehicles will be transported on the yards of Hurghada Port and transported by a winch to the locomotive that can be borrowed from one of the oil companies operating in the region and then transferred to dumping sites under the supervision of specialists from the Red Sea Reserves Sector and the Red Sea Governorate, as well as some workers in the field of diving industry.


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