Tourists occupancy rates exceeds 85% in Hurghada hotels,  before Christmas and New Year preparations.
Intensive preparations in Hurghada hotels and airport for Christmas and New Year celebrations ... and tourists occupancy exceeds 85% in resorts

the Red Sea Governorate cities in general and Hurghada in particular  are preparing for the celebrations of Christmas and New Year, in different ways, as the Red Sea Governorate is one of the tourist governorates that world tourists visit from various parts of the world  to celebrate the Christmas holidays in and as well  spend the New Year's eve.

Nowadays  the streets and shops of  of Hurghada are full of christmas lights and decorations for Christmas and New Year celebrations , various Christmas trees and lights used in those decorations, as well as decorations for the new year 2020 .

Raymond Disney, one of the owners of shops in the city of Hurghada, said that there is a large turnout of tourists and Egyptians to buy decorations for Christmas and New Year, stressing that since days ago, tourists began flocking to the city of Hurghada to spend their celebrations.

Raymond added to "The Seventh Day": The tourists are very interested in buying Christmas trees and Santa Claus toys , especially from the German nationality, as they are the most present in Hurghada, explaining: The Egyptians are keen to buy Santa Claus toys  for children to celebrate during the holidays.

On the other hand, Abu Al-Hajjaj Al-Ammari, the tourist expert, announced that the New Year's parties are  the most important parties organized by the various resorts, stressing that these parties distinguish hotels from each other.

Al-Amari added in special statements that  the Red Sea  is a special destination at that time to celebrate the holidays for foreigners, especially Europeans, as the Egyptian weather is usually good at this time of the year. 

He continued: The rates of tourist occupation in the Red Sea in most hotels exceeded 85%, stressing that it is expected to exceed 90% during New Year's celebrations, and most of the arrivals are Europeans, as the Germans are at the forefront, then the Ukrainians, the English, and the Italians.

Hatem Kamel, Director of Public Relations at Hurghada International Airport, said: Preparations are being made for Christmas and New Year celebrations, as Christmas trees and decorations will be placed in the arrival halls to welcome the tourists in Hurghada.

On the other hand, the Hurghada City Council is preparing to place Christmas trees in the vital areas of Hurghada, which are mostly visited by the people  such as  Sherry Mmamsha , Al Nasr street and some other big streets.

The security services have prepared from now to develop a plan to secure Christmas and New Year celebrations in the city of Hurghada through a deployment plan that covers all the celebrations, churches and monasteries in the governorate in coordination with the various competent authorities.


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