Who is the pretty girl  with Mo Salah ? 10 interesting  facts about the model who appeared with Mohamed Salah in GQ's newest campaign
Who is the pretty girl with Mo Salah ? 10 facts about the model Alessandra Ambrosio

The Supermodel Alessandra Ambrosio was trending in Egupt in the past few hours since the cover photo of GQ Middle East, where the model appeared with the Egyptian international football star Mohamed Salah in a photo shoot.

  The cover came after the player won the 2019 Man of the Year award from the magazine, but who is this model? 

Here are some facts about Alessandra Ambrosio 

1- Alessandra Ambrosio is  38 and she is Brazilian.

 2-She gained her fame  from her work with Victoria's Secret from 2004 to 2017

 3- Worked with many famous brands including Dior, Armani and Ralph Lauren.

  4. In 2013, she ranked No. 6 on the Forbes list of the highest profit models and was estimated to have earned $ 6.6 million in one year.

Photo source : GQ

 6 - entered the world of fashion at the age of 12 .


 7- She had a plastic surgery at the age of 11 in her ears.


 8 - In 2004 launched a fashion bramd with her name and sold 10,000 units in its first month in the market 

Photo source GQ

 9. She was the commercial face of a Brazilian sportswear brand.


 10 - She appeared on the cover of GQ magazine with football star Cristiano Ronaldo in the February 2016 issue.

Source : youm7 newspaper-Sara Darwish . 

Translation : Omar Shoukry

Photo source : GQ


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