Yara Atef,  the first Egyptian assistant female Referee to officiate in Egypt Cup.
Yara Atef, the first Egyptian assistant female Referee to officiate in Egypt Cup.

With the slogan of development and keeping pace with international football competitions, Jamal Al-Ghandour, Chairman of the Referees Committee of the  Egyptian Football Association, did not hesitate to involve women referees  in local competitions, which was met with great welcome from the public.

 The experiment started with the participation of Captain Nora Samir, as the fourth referee in El Gouna match and Almasry Club in the 32nd round of the Egyptian Cup, then choosing Captain Yara Atef, as an assistant referee in  Pyramids and Al-Nujoom match, in the same competition, as was followed by Mona Atallah, as an assistant referee, in the populat   Alexandrian club Al-Ittihad versus Alnasr Club. 

 Yara Atef, the assistant referee, expressed her happiness at being chosen as the referee of the Pyramids and Al-Nujoum match, noting that the Referees Committee is showing much support to women referrees this season. 

 Atef confirmed in exclusive statements to «Sada Al-Balad Egyptian news  Website» that she was certain that she would be chosen among the referees participating in the Egyptian Cup before announcing the names by the referees committee.

 The assistant referee indicated that she did not face any difficulties during Pyramids and Al-Nujoum match, noting that the players of the two teams wished her success, as they do with any referee.

 Yara Atef explained that she started working in that field since 2015, after passing the tests from the first day, pointing out that the field of football in general is not new to her, as she practiced football since the age of ten, in tram and Kabbari ,Sohag and the Police Union Clubs. 

 The assistant referee pointed out that she had been encouraged and supported by her family from a young age, calling for support to the new experience , saying: “Girls in Egypt are permitted to play football, and they are always encouraged in stadiums, and the state supports us greatly.”

Source : Sada El Balad website. 

Photo source : Mohamed Abdelrahman/Vito gate


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