You know you lived in Egypt Too Long when ...
A list of Egypt's and Egyptian's Funniest habits .

Each country has its own share of  unique , funny and odd stuff, in the below list we will explore together some of Egypt's most funny characteristics but yet charming at the same time for anyone who lived long enough to accept it the way it is . 

These funny remarks about living in Egypt i did not write them myself but they have been online since a while , i also added some new points of my own and feel free to do the same and add your own in the comments . 

- You understand that when someone says "Bukra (tomorrow), Insha'Allah" to you it really means "Sometime during this calendar year"...if you're lucky!

- You can perfectly describe the way without a single street name.

- You never eat dinner before 11 Pm . 

- You wear a sweater at 26° Celsius. 

- You see "no problem" as a clear indication to better check everything again several times.

- You Believe that speed limits are only advisory. 

- You think Pepsi and pizza start with "B".

-when 5 people turn up to change your tap washer, but they havent got a washer, and the only tool they've got is a hammer, and they want you to give them lunch and tea before they start.

-you don't hesitate to phone the pharmacy to send you some antibiotics that you have prescribed to yourself . 

- You think that carpets should hang on walls.

- It is quite natural for you in the summer to turn up the cold water tap to get hot water.

- You think it's normal to get back the rest of your money at the supermarket as Gum instead of change . 

- You expect the confirmation on your airline ticket to read "Inshallah" 

-when your Bawab (Doorman) knows things about you more than your Mom. 

-You go to make a money withdrawl at the ATM machine and three people are standing beside you (Not behind you)  staring normally at the ATM screen while you are entering your PIN code and doing your operation. 

Credits : Bob Alex


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